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Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Engraved in the heart of Montreal city, PARASUCO JEANS is a Canadian

emigree success story. We celebrated this incredible ongoing journey by the production of mural representing how it all began at Sal Parasuco's parents house in 1972.

Inauguration of the mural happened at Parasuco's famous building on Crescent Street, with the cream of the Canadian Fashion Industry :

A word from the founder and designer :

In 1976, I became renowned as the "DENIM LEGEND" for revolutionizing the world of fashion with STRETCH jeans. Little do people know, it all started with my parents and siblings tirelessly pre-washing jeans for my store "POUR les DEUX" in 1972.

Pictured here is our humble home in the Hochelaga neighbourhood where our journey began. It was this very house that was deemed to be the first jeans laundry in Canada.

We challenged and inspired the fashion industry when we created the SANTANA JEANS brand in 1975, which eventually led us to PARASUCO JEANS. A brand that is still going strong today.

In 1957, my parents, Antonio & Gaetana, immigrated from Italy to Montreal in pursuit of the CANADIAN DREAM for their growing family. This is proof that their love and courage prevailed, thereby forever inspiring others to chase their dreams.

-Salvatore Parasuco

Discover the Making Of the Mural in this video :

This mural executed by artists Zek One, Dodo and Ankh1 from Projet Tyxna, was inspired by a photo taken by Montreal photographer, Josef Geranio.

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